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Ye Haolong said.You re welcome.Doing business means making progress together.Xiaolong, I can give you a credit line of 30,000.You can take whatever you want and pay do cbd gummies help back pain purekana cbd gummies for pain me when you sell it.But there are two small requirements.One is that by the end of the year, you must Check out, if you can t sell it all, you can return it to me.Second, I hope you can share the transaction data with me.Zhou Kexin said.Zhou Kexin s conditions can be considered very generous, the first one is a matter of course, as the saying goes, Arrears don t last a year , before the Spring Festival, all debts must be settled, this is the rule in the business world.The second item is not a big deal.Sharing transaction data will help Zhou Kexin adjust her purchase strategy and grasp the market trend more accurately, so that Ye Haolong can obtain better supply of goods, which is a win win situation.

I saw her face immediately filled with a smile Uh well, who is called sister is gentle and kind, she is the embodiment of beauty and wisdom, Tang Dashen, who is said to be full of character, little case, let me handle it.Ye Haolong was really drunk when he heard Tang Liya s exaggerated adjectives.Fortunately, the task was successfully entrusted, and with Tang Liya s full support, the smooth opening of Ye Haolong s Baibao Store is just around the corner.The two of them were having a good meal when Tang Liya s cell phone rang suddenly, and it was actually Cai Xiaoqing s call Xiao Tang, how is the conversation at Dayuan going Come over to the meeting as soon as we re done Uh Manager Cai, no Allow me to ask for leave.I ve changed my mind You are so undisciplined, what should you do if others follow your example, don t talk nonsense, come here quickly Cai Xiaoqing on the other end of the phone looked extremely impatient.

OK Waiting for your news.Ye Haolong hung up the phone.After being a matchmaker, the heaviest task in front of you is to take pictures of the products in the online store.Ye Haolong does not have the conditions to be as professional as a big e commerce company, so he can only temporarily build a small studio by himself, and use the SLR camera he borrowed from his cousin to take pictures of each product.This job seems easy, but the workload is heavy, enough for him to be busy for two days.Setting up a simple studio, Ye Haolong began to take pictures of the goods one by one.After all, he is not a professional photographer.Ye Haolong takes four or five photos on average before he effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews can pick out a decent photo.It took a long time to finish shooting a product.Then it is to use photo editing software to beautify.

Ye Haolong once took an art course when he was best cbd gummies york pa in college.Although he has forgotten most of it now, he gradually became proficient after finishing a few photos.It took more than half an hour for Ye Haolong to finish the photo editing work of effects of cbd gummy bears a mobile phone case.It s really tiring Ye Haolong wiped the sweat off his head, took a sip of water, and continued to work.In this way, Ye Haolong worked hard in his room for two days before he finally finished taking photos of all the goods.During the period, the matter of helping Lin Xiangdong meet was settled, Fang Ruoman agreed to meet Lin Xiangdong.This shy cousin actually wanted to drag Ye Haolong along, but Ye Haolong sternly refused.So Ye Haolong has not counted the outcome of the meeting between the two.These two days are too busy, and I don t have time to ask my cousin.

Ye Gong Haolong Thank you for your strong support from the folks, and the information provided by Coke classmates.I won t say much, I will deliver the goods right away.Coke Chicken Wings You re welcome, I will also support it and buy two for my girlfriend.Pay.Bengbengzhu Oye Wait for Brother Ye s package.Ye Haolong withdrew from the penguin group and concentrated on entering the Baibao.com work platform to deal with each item.Since he was working alone, the whole process was rather cumbersome.Picking goods, packing them, writing a courier note, and entering the tracking number As a novice, it took Ye Haolong biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears roughly three to five minutes to complete a package.It took Ye Haolong more than an hour to complete eighteen transactions, and he was sweating from the heat.If it s two hundred orders a day, I ll be really busy like an octopus.

That s right, it s Ma Xiaoling from the neighboring village.I remember we caught tadpoles together when we were young.It is said that she is now working at Zhongle Travel Agency on Nanshan Road, which is quite close to Taihe Digital City.Lin Xiangdong said.I said big cousin, the Fang Ruoman I introduced to you is pretty good, with a high degree of education, a good job, and a beautiful person.Don t effects of cbd gummy bears bother with other girls.I promise to help you find Fang Ruoman.I got it.Faced with such a situation, Ye Haolong had to put in more effort to give Lin Xiangdong a guarantee.That s what I said to biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears my aunt.I said that you have already introduced me to a good girl, and we will not meet the others for the time being.Lin effects of cbd gummy bears Xiangdong said, But my aunt is impatient and has already told Ma Xiaoling my mobile phone number.

0 to Industry 4.0, biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears and individual needs will become a trend.Oh Industry 4.0, this What kind of concept is it A business school professor pushed the reading glasses on the bridge of his nose, looking very interested.The concept of Industry 4.0 was not first proposed by Germany until 2013.Ye Haolong returned to 2012 with the knowledge of 2015, and his vision was naturally far ahead.He elaborated on the concept of Industry 4.0, which refreshed the old professors in front of him.Now the e commerce I do is downstream in essence, directly facing specific customers.Ye Haolong said, This is the most cumbersome link, but it is also the most conducive to mastering the real data of customers.Through the analysis of these data , will effectively guide upstream production and lay the foundation for future personalized production.

In 2012, these two major shopping carnivals had just started, far less lively than two or three years later, but it was also a sales climax, and hand choppers were waiting for it.As long as they seize this opportunity, sales will definitely increase greatly.Ye Haolong immediately participated in the related activities of the Local Tyrant Festival, and opened the store coupons of the Local Tyrant Festival, as well as a 12 discount event on the day of the festival.And on his WeChat public platform, he also collected relevant content about the Local Tyrant Festival, and began to heighten the festive atmosphere.At the same time, Fang Ruoman s previously planned interviews began to be implemented.Taking advantage of the success of the online store in the business incubation center, Fang Ruoman launched an exclusive interview with Baibao Online Store, which mainly talked about Ye Haolong s entrepreneurial journey and experience.

hum The system was officially launched, and the two mobile phone cases were sent into the bubble bag, then put into the cardboard box, sealed with tape, and at the same time the first courier slip was printed out, and the tracking number information was scanned with a scanner, and effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews finally the courier The slip was attached to the cardboard box and the first package was packed Ye Haolong followed suit, and the package of sixteen orders was easily completed.Haha, that s great.As long as the goods are selected and sent to the assembly line, the next effects of cbd gummy bears series of processes will be completed automatically.It s really labor saving Ye Haolong is in a good mood, and it seems that these three technical nerds are indeed very capable.In the business incubation center, after hearing the news, several college student entrepreneurs who opened online stores gave their thumbs up after watching the whole process.

The specific description of the symptoms of this snake spirit disease is that as long as there is no courier of her own on the way, she feels that life has no hope, and then effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews she becomes irritable, crazy, empty, lonely and cold.Especially during the boring summer vacation, this symptom was further strengthened, making her immersed in a strong desire for free money every day.It s just that in the scorching summer, Han Xingyue, as do cbd gummies help back pain purekana cbd gummies for pain a cute girl, didn t want to go out and be exposed to the harsh sun in order vegan friendly cbd gummies to prevent herself from becoming an African girl.So she hopes to stay at home and make money at home.Ye Haolong s part time job is very suitable for her.After communicating with Han Xingyue, Ye Haolong found that she has rich experience in online shopping and knows how to speak online customer service very well, so she is a good candidate for this position.

Ye Haolong carefully recorded his daily work and future work plan in his notebook.With the gradual enrichment of work notes, his thinking began to become clearer effects of cbd gummy bears and clearer, and he had a more precise control over the priorities of various things.Designing a cartoon image and opening a treasure store seem to have nothing to do with each other, but one is in the upstream cultural awareness field, and the other is in the downstream physical sales field, and there is Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears a powerful potential in between.The future development direction is to put out a long snake formation and open up the midstream manufacturing links.In this way, guided by the upstream cultural awareness, a large number of peripheral industries can be derived.In the middle reaches, the mobile phone case can be printed with the cartoon image of the cute and auspicious three treasures, and can be Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears made into plush toys, various gifts and handicrafts.

These days, Fang Ruoman is following up the progress of Ye Haolong s creativity.After receiving Ye Haolong s design draft of the cute and auspicious three treasures, she is very excited, because the brand idea is so good.Fang Ruoman looked at the design drafts over and over again.Whether it was character setting or image design, these three cartoon characters were all at the top level in the same field, even if they were compared with the whole country, they would not be inferior.This is a good seed, a high quality gene that will lead to success in the future.Fang Ruoman is clearly aware that if such a plan boulder highlands cbd gummies reviews is carefully promoted, these three cartoon images will surely be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and become a trend of the times.If that s the case, there s a lot to do commercially.

The three chose a small restaurant with exquisite decoration.Probably because of being in a bad mood, Tang Liya ordered a plant cbd gummies reviews table of good dishes, intending to kill Fang Ruoman severely.Hey, can you be more polite, Miss Fang just started her business, how can you ask her to spend so much money Ye Haolong planned to stop Tang Liya s evil deeds.Hmph, she owes me this meal, of course it must be delicious Tang Liya stuck out her tongue at Ye Haolong, Also, my sister was almost killed by mosquitoes in the countryside, look at the bags on my hands and feet , The blood loss is serious, you need to make up for it.Ye Haolong almost spit out a sip of herbal tea, this is the first time in his life that he heard such a weird reason for being greedy.Okay, okay, you re welcome, just order whatever you like, and make up for what the mosquitoes have sucked away.

Our factory has just started, and I effects of cbd gummy bears don t think the battle line should be too long.Make corresponding mobile phone cases for several popular models.Xiaolong s online store is full of first hand data, which can truly reflect consumers preferences, which is of great help to the positioning of our first batch of products.Lin Xiangdong Said, From the perspective of mold cost, the first batch of production of each product must reach a scale of 2,000 calykoi premium cbd gummy to 3,000.I think we choose three models and make 9,000 pieces first, depending on the market s reaction.What did you two say That s right, the first batch of production must be carefully selected cbd gummies show on shark tank to ensure a good start.Zhou Kexin said, Xiaolong s data analysis is very valuable, so we will take it step by step, first only make three models, and then respond accordingly according to the sales situation.

The blind date man glanced at Ye Haolong Xiao Fang, who is he This Fang Ruoman got up and said, I m sorry, he asked me to watch a movie Don t you like watching movies Oh, I understand The smile on the face of the blind date man suddenly froze, Don effects of cbd gummy bears t go on a blind date if you re not sincere, it s a waste of my time The blind date man said, angrily got up and left.Ye Haolong blinked innocently, and asked Master, what s going on, have you made me a scapegoat My apprentice, I have wronged you.Fang Ruoman stuck out his tongue, But I didn t say anything, it was him who misunderstood.Well, you stinky master, I didn t expect to be so black bellied, so evil Ye Haolong fully understood.The two of them did not move, and continued to sit down at the Nanshan Tea Bar.Ye Haolong told Fang Ruoman what he heard from a lot of money.

Luo Xiaoya said, then turned and left.Qi Meiting put her hands on her hips, and stared at Luo Xiaoya s back in anger, Hmph This middle aged woman who effects of cbd gummy bears pretends to be a powerful woman is really too domineering, and she refuses to give up a penny.She simply despises my work I m so pissed off Seeing Qi Meiting s expression on the side, Duo Qian cried out inwardly.As soon as this little girl s princess got sick, she would sweep all over the world and be invincible.In the world of rich people in Xianhu City, there is a well known horror story called Princess Qi Meiting s illness broke out.Angrily, she took out her mobile phone and called her father Qi Tianyu.Hey, Dad, I was bullied by Luo Xiaoya from Vientiane Qi Meiting opened her mouth and came.What Dare to bully my precious daughter Qi Tianyu, a weird father, spoiled his precious daughter to the sky, how could he allow her to be angry outside, especially being bullied by a small deputy director of the copyright department in Vientiane.

Zhou Kexin is no better than Fang Ruoman, she is more independent, her parents can t command her anymore, and the two elders don t have any good ideas except for whispering in her ears.Watching the years go by, time waits for no one, if you don t get married again, you will become an old girl.So since Zhou s father got sick, the old couple changed their strategy and played the emotional card.Father Zhou often murmured with a bitter face, fearing that he would not be able to reach the moment when he hugged his grandson, so he kept moaning and sighing.Zhou s mother also took this as an excuse, crying and effects of cbd gummy bears weeping again and again, in fact, she was beating Zhou Kexin s side drum.Zhou Kexin is a person who takes soft things but not tough ones.Her parents have followed this path very correctly.After a long time, there is still a hint of guilt in her heart.

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Oh, brother, I m so sleepy that I can t even open my eyes.I m going home to sleep.Ma Tianming stretched his waist and pushed his bulging beer belly up so high that it almost touched Lin Xiangdong s chest.forehead.Tianming, why have I never seen you so Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears sleepy when playing mahjong Lin Xiangdong patted Ma Tianming s puffed beer belly and joked.Dead man Dong, you re the only one who talks too much, don t sleep tonight if you can.Ma Tianming forced his eyes wide open, and cast a sidelong glance at Lin Xiangdong.If you don t sleep at night, how can you have the energy to continue delivering goods after dawn Lin Xiangdong said, Damn Tianming, this effects of cbd gummy bears time you are selling products Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears from your factory.In fact, everyone is working for you.You don t know what is good and what is bad, so be careful Fly you.

The first generation of the three big slackers are all turned on, and the online store has entered a busy delivery state.Congchong, I can t see that your little broken online store is doing such a good business, and you can easily earn money.Tang Liya said with a sad expression while operating the baler, Poor us who are engaged in technology.Technology dog, burns so many brain cells, once the technology is surpassed by others, effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews it will immediately return to the pre liberation overnight, baby is so bitter What is the bitterness, are you cbd gummies safe dosage a little bitter melon Ye Haolong said, You also have you in high tech We have established a relationship with the Baibao Group, so we will make good use of this advantage and develop into a large, standardized company.Tang Liya nodded thoughtfully, she was busy with scientific research during this time , did ignore the behemoth Baibao Group standing behind her.

Now he has finally tasted the bitter fruit.Under the Cold War, Potato has no news, and Lin Xiangdong occasionally calls, but she ignores it.I don t know whether to lead a group to travel abroad, or cbd triple layer bear gummies with melatonin to hide somewhere in the city to avoid seeing.Lin Xiangdong took the blame for himself and had nothing to sympathize with.The only thing to pay attention to is that this unscrupulous guy can t be allowed to go out to fool around.Once his attention is taken away from Ma Xiaoling, this big baby is likely to relapse and play cards with his friends again.Compared effects of cbd gummy bears with Ma Tianming, who is a bit careless, Lin Xiangdong s problem is more hidden and complicated, that is, he tends to be unrestrained and loses any ability to judge when it comes to things he likes.This explained many problems, for example, when this big baby fell in love, he turned into a mentally handicapped brother, and Ma Xiaoling did what Ma Xiaoling said.

Apart from Chenjiawan, there is no better water source nearby.Now Ye Haolong can only hope that there will be more rain from the sky, so that the fish pond can store more water and save the cost of diverting water from Chenjiawan.After helping my father and comrades for an afternoon, I finally drained a two acre fish pond, and planted a circle of mulberry saplings around the fish pond, which made Ye Haolong very tired.It seems that I am busy with the business of the online store, have not exercised for a long time, and my physical fitness is not as good as before.Naturally, my father and comrades laughed at me.It is not easy to do farm work, and Ye Haolong has experienced the hardships of the farmer uncle.For such a large project, it would be too much for Comrade Dad to undertake alone.Taking advantage of the leisure time of the online shop, Ye Haolong planned to spend one afternoon every day to help the fish pond, helping Dad complete the renovation work as soon as possible.

Looking at these foodies, Ye Haolong was helpless Okay, don t make trouble, I ll make you pea rice.Oye The foodies jumped up happily.It is said that the size of the second generation of this big slacker is more than ten times larger than that of the first generation.A total of ten workers were dispatched, and it took a long time to move this big guy to Ye Haolong s online shop.In today s online stores, with the gradual expansion of business, the goods have already piled up like a mountain, and the area of more than one hundred square meters is crowded to the brim, and in many cases there is not even a place to leave.It took Ye Haolong a lot of effort to free up an area of about 20 square meters for placing the second generation of the big lazy bug.Now the warehouse is already narrow.With the rapid increase of the business volume of the online store, this small space is no longer enough.

Haha, that s great Big villain, I didn t expect you to be so reliable.When I get the title of vice president, I must reward you well.You On the other end of the phone, the princess disease was already in full bloom, By the way, since Tang Liya is so virtuous, I have to thank her well, I will never accept favors in vain.Then invite her to dinner Well, remember to order a seafood feast.Ye Haolong said.No problem It s better to hit the sun than to choose a date.How about it, at six o clock in the evening, at the Huangjia Guild Hall, you all come together.Qi Meiting said.Wow, Huang Jia Guild Hall A place that costs thousands of dollars per person, you are too rich.Did you forget that I am a rich man Okay, see you tonight.Seventy seventh Sister Zhang Taosheng hung up the phone, and Ye Haolong told Tang Liya the news.

Princess Disease, according to your plan, Kule Games is your main business.For Letong Animation, you can introduce one or two shareholders.Ye Haolong analyzed, The Internet field is a vast ocean without obstacles.It is a good place for you to become famous.The initial investment is nothing at all, even if it is in vain, Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears there will be no big loss.When the animation produced by Letong is recognized by netizens, there will definitely be venture capital to invest in your company , and then you can borrow your strength.Qi Meiting is not short of money, so when a well known domestic venture capitalist planned to invest in Kule Games, she politely declined.For Kule Games, Qi Meiting s strategy how much are cbd gummies at walmart effects of cbd gummy bears is to occupy an absolute controlling stake.But for Letong Animation, she adopted a different strategy, that is, diversified joint operations.

Ye Haolong was happy to let them mess around, of course the higher the efficiency of the machine, the better.Even this verification machine has raised the sales volume of the online shop to a higher level, and now four employees do not seem to be in a hurry to deal with such a huge number of orders.After a while, Comrade Dad sent a text message, and the mulberry fish pond project at home was all completed This is another piece of good news.It seems that there have been many happy events recently, and Ye Haolong got up immediately do cbd gummies help back pain purekana cbd gummies for pain to go to his own fish pond to check and accept.The road to the fish pond has been leveled by the engineering team, and it is much easier to walk.On both sides of the road, the half person high weeds have been cleared away.Looking around, the field of vision has widened a lot.

Qi Meiting also created an account called Angela.Although Ye Haolong didn t know that Angela s real identity was the princess patient herself in the game, but because of her many arrogant remarks in the game, Ye Haolong quickly recognized her.The result was naturally abused by Ye Haolong.The game level of this princess disease is not very good.If she doesn t cheat, she is definitely not Ye Haolong s opponent.Ye Haolong also noticed an account called Uncle Fat.Although the level is not much higher than his own, but he has a lot of top quality equipment, which makes him very strange.This account called Uncle Fat naturally belongs to Qi Meiting s wonderful father, Qi Tianyu.Qi Tianyu s account is a gold medal, and Qi Meiting specially opened a small stove for him, stuffing a lot of top quality equipment into his account, which made Qi Tianyu win at the starting line.

While he was playing monster spawning, he was waiting for Invincible Winter Melon to go online.Now he and Invincible Big Winter Melon have become close friends, and every time he goes online, he has to chat a few words.Seeing that the profile picture of Invincible Winter Melon has not yet lit up, Qi Tianyu always feels that something is missing.In the past few days, Invincible Big Winter Melon has not do cbd gummies help back pain been online effects of cbd gummy bears much, mainly because Lin Xiangdong wants to make time to date Fang Ruoman.Now with the continuous improvement of the game, the number of bugs has become less and less, and the content has become more and more abundant.Lin Xiangdong felt that it was time to gradually fade out.So he only goes online for one or two hours a day, and it is very difficult to find him.While playing the game, Qi Tianyu waited for the Invincible Big Winter Melon to go online, but his avatar didn t light up after waiting, and he felt inexplicably anxious.

As long effects of cbd gummy bears as you are strong enough and creative enough, you can attract the attention of the world.In this respect, Ye Haolong admires Fan Siyuan the most.Dr.Fan Da s super software technology is to help all ordinary people break the old era of hard work and achieve equal chances of success.Once the offline things are virtualized and entered the online bit world, then everyone can compete on an equal footing, even young people in remote rural areas can stand on the same path as young people in first tier big cities in China.on the starting line.If it were placed in the era when the Internet had not yet been born, this matter would be unimaginable.Brother Fan, how is it How far has virtualization progressed Ye Haolong leaned in front of Fan Siyuan and asked, looking at the dazzling software codes on his computer.

How did you get into their eyes Could it be that you made a mistake Ye Haolong felt puzzled.Not only Ye Haolong couldn t figure it out, but Zhou Kexin also found it very strange.Although it was a good thing, it came too strangely.I also thought it was strange, so nala labs cbd gummies reviews I didn t contact you right Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears away.Lin Xiangdong said, Later, I thought, could it be because of Qi Meiting s father Guy That s right, this person is probably her father Qi Tianyu.He is full of top quality equipment, and even your things are not as good as his.Who else would it be if it wasn t biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears his father.Ye Haolong said, Big Biao Brother, you are so familiar with that fat man, I guess he will fall in love with you, and then you will fall in love with the house, and even want our company.Don t be so exaggerated, this unscrupulous guy stretches his hands too much.

Who told you that you can t even play games like Xiaodong He calls the wind and rain in the game, and the richest man in Xianhu City is also his follower.Zhou Kexin said, Tianming, look at you.Don t worry about it, although the performance is improving now, it is necessary to be prepared for danger in times of peace.Ma Tianming scratched his head, looking a little embarrassed Isn t it the end of the year, and the debts have almost been repaid, let effects of cbd gummy bears s talk about it in a few days.Recently, my wife doesn t cry or make trouble at home, and can wash and cook with peace of mind, which makes Ma Tianming feel very comfortable.With this comfort, the old man s late stage symptoms of lazy cancer showed up one after another.In the afternoon, he originally wanted to find some friends to drink old wine, and then play a few rounds of mahjong with them after drinking old wine, and play happily until midnight.

With the spontaneous promotion and reposting of many animation fans, the communication data continued to rise, and even once squeezed into the top 30 of the search engine keyword rankings on the entire network.Don t look at it as just the top 30, but as a small animation promotional film, this is already a statistic enough to defy the sky.This made effects of cbd gummy bears the trading team of Tianma Advertising Company celebrate and be extremely excited.This promotion plan has once again become a classic case, not only in East China, but also in the national advertising industry.On the third day after the release of the promotional video, the most well known cbd gummies for sale online domestic animation magazine Anime Park seized the opportunity and made a special trip to Xianhu City to interview this emerging animator, which made a lot of money out limelight.

After the meeting, Ye Haolong and Tang Liya walked out of Baoyuan Building.At this moment, Tang Liya was in a very good mood, jumping up and down.Fatty, you are really unkind.You betrayed your sister Tao at a critical moment.Ye Haolong said sarcastically.In just one month, Tang Liya exchanged a capital injection of one million for a profit of six million, so much money that she didn t even know her own father.There is no way around this.To upgrade the production line and prepare for the construction of biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears a high tech laboratory, the total cost is estimated to be tens of millions.Tang Liya said, The sale of the shares of Letong Animation can at least do cbd gummies have thc reddit solve the urgent need.Dead insects , if there is no money, the official version of sleepy zs cbd gummies the slacker 2 will be postponed, do you still want to use it Of course you want to.

Now he has found With a large army, it s much more fun to play.The old naughty boy simply regarded this place as his old den, and immediately sent someone to buy a few boss chairs that were exactly the same as his office, and then stuffed his fat body on the chairs, and played games excitedly.When he was having fun, he rolled down from the chair softly, which surprised everyone.Having found such a treasure of geomantic omen, Qi Tianyu was so happy that his neck was crooked, he ran to Beiqiao Village every now and then, and hid in Fang Ruoman s office as soon as he came, playing online games with everyone.Even Qi Meiting couldn t find anyone else from time to time, and only after asking did she find out that this strange father had gone to Beiqiao Village again.Every time after playing to the fullest, Qi Tianyu would call his ultra luxury business car and drive everyone to a high end restaurant in Xianhu City for a big meal.

It seems that the real money of 500,000 yuan is indispensable.Ye Haolong fiddled with the calculator.As of the Spring Festival, the net profit of his online store was nearly 200,000 yuan, the dividends from Tiangong Manufacturing and Shengtang Technology were 300,000 yuan, plus the 100,000 yuan copyright fee from Qi Meiting, it effects of cbd gummy bears broad spectrum cbd gummies amazon took half a year.I earned a full 600,000 yuan, which is a monthly salary of 100,000 yuan If it were a working dog, with a monthly salary of 100,000, he would have to reach the level of the president, and he would have to work hard for at least 20 years.Ye Haolong is very satisfied with his achievements in the past six months.It seems that Tianding Trading Company s decisive decision against him at the beginning has created an unprecedented opportunity for his life.Now after half a year of hard work, this opportunity has produced many wonderful chemical reactions, making the future biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears full of richer possibilities.

Sister Qianqian, from now on, the company will be managed by you and Junior Brother Xu.Junior Brother Xu will be in charge of the business, gummy cbd brand myrtle beach fire wholesale and you will be in charge of administration.It s not a particularly important matter, you can discuss it yourself.In addition, the company will start working once a month.Regular meeting, report to me.Qi Meiting said.Mr.Qi is holding several jobs now, so he is really too busy.Don t worry, I will do my best to handle the affairs of Letong Company.Dong Yueqian s eyes flashed, I have seen the company s recent work plan, mainly for Mengmeng.Auspicious Three Treasures produced short animation series for the web, and with the previous experience in making 3D online game promotional videos, the production of the short play should not be a problem, but Is there any problem Many money immediately answered the question, this Dong Da The beauty hasn effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews t looked at him since she entered the company, and she seems to be a little bit like a tsundere princess.

I ll think of another way to build the laboratory.Oh, Tang Papi, it s all up to you.Yang Zhengyan swallowed the last piece of pizza, looking at the empty pizza box, feeling lost for a while.Tang Liya knows that to build a cutting edge laboratory, 10 million yuan is indispensable.What s more, there are daily operating costs.With an annual investment of one million yuan, only a few small scientific research projects can be launched.For example, the laboratory of Xingchen Technology has an annual operating cost of more than 10 million yuan, which is definitely a bottomless pit.It seems that it is not the local tyrants who really can t play high technology, Tang Liya scratched her head, her original ambition was broken by half, and it was a bit difficult.She thought to herself that she should discuss the countermeasures with Ye Haolong, but the two foodies in front of her seemed to be unable to give any nutritious advice.

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Ye Haolong said, Individual farmers do not know the operation of the entire agricultural system.Farmers are losing money.Yes, according to what you said, if we build the Agricultural Internet and connect all agricultural production and demand data to the Internet, the efficiency of resource use can be greatly optimized, and the problem of unsalable agricultural products can be fundamentally alleviated.Tang Liya said.It was only then that Tang Liya gradually realized that Ye Haolong s real intention in building a b2b platform for agricultural products was that behind this platform, there would be a grand agricultural Internet big data system, and this was the foundation for the platform to remain invincible Assure.No wonder this kid has been studying agricultural production knowledge with all his strength recently.

Agricultural breeding is different from industrial production.Products are not produced as soon as the machine is started.Fish farming requires meticulousness and patience.Seeing the fish fry grow up day by day, Ye Houde is very happy.In order to manage the fish pond well, Ye Houde hired someone to take care of it, and he devoted most of his energy to the fish pond.After two or three months of careful operation, the more than 20 acres of fish ponds in the south of the village have changed a lot.Not only the water quality is clear, fish and shrimp are abundant, but the surrounding environment has also been greatly improved.The planted how much are cbd gummies at walmart effects of cbd gummy bears mulberry trees have sprouted new buds, and the little green shows vitality.Looking around, the whole fish pond is neat and tidy, it is simply a modern farm, and even attracted many big farmers in the village to visit.

It s just that the current level of intelligence of these machines is not high, and manual operation is still required.If small industrial robots are built, the workload will be greatly reduced.Tang Liya talked about her beautiful vision endlessly, Ye Haolong nodded and said Fatty, I didn t expect you to be quite good at it.Based on this idea, the future online store can have nothing but customer service personnel.If necessary, let the robot operate everything, and you can make money lying down, haha You naughty bug, you only think about these lazy and bad ideas.Tang Liya glanced at her eyes and began to complain.Looking at the list of new equipment in her hand, Tang Liya was thinking about the scene of major scientific research results gushing out of the Brain Future Laboratory after it was completed, and she was almost drooling with joy.

It s because my career is developing so smoothly that I can t get away from it.Tang Liya said, Now she s starting to talk about getting me married sooner.It s so stressful.I don t have a house or a car now How can you marry Sister Xueba back home Ye Haolong scratched his head.You unscrupulous dead bug, who is going to marry you Tang Liya stretched out her small claws, and squeezed Ye Haolong s cheek, Sister must concentrate on scientific research now, how can I have time Married, so I just rejected a few words, but in the end, I was disliked by all kinds of people, it is so difficult to be a human being Fucking, you want to learn from Edison again Ye Haolong said, covering his cheek.Like you Tang Liya said, The Baibao Research Institute has already sent me an invitation letter to study there for three months, but my mother is determined not to let me, I m so mad at her Just I know you definitely want to effects of cbd gummy bears go, I support you, so go boldly.

In Beiqiao Village, the construction of the e commerce industrial park has also entered a period of acceleration.Looking around, the e commerce industrial park covering an area of more than 300 mu has already begun to take shape.With the government s increasing support for the e commerce industry, the number of e commerce practitioners in Beiqiao Village has further increased, and the number of online stores has also begun to rise steadily.Many e commerce entrepreneurs in nearby villages have moved their online stores to North Bridge Village.In just over half a year since the government issued the plan for the e commerce industrial park, the scale of e commerce in Beiqiao Village has nearly doubled, and the siphon effect has gradually emerged.The commercial business moved to Beiqiao Village.

com company located in Xianhu University apply.At this moment, Ye Haolong and Fan Siyuan were already waiting for the applicants in the company.The two operation assistants were quickly recruited, and three or five people applied for the most important position of operation director.However, the information of these applicants was very poor.Generally speaking, both Ye Haolong and Fan Siyuan felt dissatisfied.Until Li Dajiang, who was chubby like a fat cat, appeared, and after the three of them had a pleasant chat, the candidate for the purekana cbd gummies reviews operation director was decided.Li effects of cbd gummy bears Dajiang is a compound talent.He studied software engineering in university and has certain insights into the field of computer software.He also has the effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews ability to operate effects of cbd gummy bears and manage.In terms of management experience in Internet start up companies, he even far surpasses Ye Haolong.

Because the performance did not meet expectations and dragged down the company s overall performance, he was forced to step down.After Luo Youcai took office, he never waited to see this business, and regarded it as a burden on the company.At present, the best solution is to sell them as a package, but there is no company to take over.The second solution is to acquire an online agricultural product trading company with certain successful experience, and integrate Lebuy.com s business with it to see if it can improve competitiveness.So when Luo Youcai saw Shennong.com, a new agricultural product trading platform, his mind was shocked, and he thought it was a good opportunity.And when he saw Li Dajiang, the current actual manager of Shennong.com, the director of operations, he was even more inexplicably excited.

From the analysis of his performance in the previous gatherings, it seemed that this princess disease was really interesting to Lin Xiangdong.Although Ye Haolong repeatedly glared at him and warned him, it still had no effect.This princess is used to arrogance, and has always been a self respecting posture.I m afraid she can t be expected to take Fang Ruoman s feelings into consideration.Coupled with the fact that Lin Xiangdong is how to make cbd gummy candy do cbd gummies help back pain handsome and a game master, the princess has been effects of cbd gummy bears sick of him for a long time, and it is hard to guarantee that he will not be a moth.Useless master, you really don t have any strength at all, and I have to help you.Ye Haolong was thinking, and was about to call Lin Xiangdong, but after thinking about it, it seemed that it would not help.Cousin s fate seemed to have become confusing again.

Qi Meiting stood with arms akimbo in the boss s office of Letong.She called Ye Haolong just now, and this kid was going to sneak back to Beiqiao Village.Fortunately, Brother Dong agreed to come and help.With the funding of the film budget in place, Meng Meng Da s big movie has officially entered the start up stage.Now, the script of the movie has been designed, and it is mainly aimed at the group of primary and middle school students.Now, the production of big movies has been in full swing, Qi Meiting set a timetable for the company, is to catch up with the 2014 summer vacation, and strive to release in July.Don t think it will take more than a year, but the film production cycle is long, especially animation films, and the time is still quite tight.So during this period of time, a lot of money was spent, sleeping and eating, and almost all of them lived in the company and devoted themselves to the production of big movies.

Oh, Chongchong, Not bad, after frying so many side dishes, it seems that I haven t seen them for a few months, and they have become more and more obedient.Seeing a table of dishes, Tang Liya touched Ye Haolong s head kindly, biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears almost drooling from excitement.Haha, Chongchong is so good.Zhang Qingqing secretly put down her backpack, picked up her chopsticks, glanced around, and prepared to eat first.Loli Zhang, are you trying to die again Don t learn how to speak like me Tang Liya was upset when she saw Zhang Qingqing preempting her again.She immediately stretched out her small claws and pinched Zhang Qingqing s face hard.a handful.Okay, you guys don t make trouble, eat first I still have a glorious and arduous mission here, and I need you to complete it.Ye Haolong looked at these unscrupulous foodies and was really drunk.

com seem to have no integrity and ambition, and quickly surrendered under the flood of capital.But having said that, those companies that have not disarmed may not be able to develop and grow in the future.Li Dajiang is a good example.Therefore, how to find a balance between capital and integrity, rather than blindly going to extremes, is a course that current entrepreneurs must practice hard.At two o clock in the afternoon, a convoy of eight black Mercedes Benz commercial vehicles drove into the Youth Entrepreneurship Center of Xianhu University.The pomp of Lebuy.com is relatively large, and they don t know how to keep a low profile at all.The arrival of Luo Youcai even alarmed the school officials of Xianhu University.Zhang Yongtai, the president of Xianhu University, greeted him personally, and accompanied Luo Youcai to visit the Youth Entrepreneurship Center.

Lao Luo helped him with a pair of large glasses that were thousands do cbd gummies help back pain purekana cbd gummies for pain of degrees thick and as thick as how much are cbd gummies at walmart effects of cbd gummy bears a searchlight, and imagining Li Dajiang s little lost eyes, he was so happy in his heart, he touched the corner of his mouth subconsciously to prevent him Excessive secretion and flow down.Surrounded by crowds, Luo Youcai walked into the conference room of the Youth Entrepreneurship Center with great strides, followed closely by the eight member business team of Lebuy.com.At this moment, Ye Haolong, Fan Siyuan and Li Dajiang were already waiting in the meeting room.Ye Haolong glanced at Li Dajiang inadvertently, and saw that he looked at Lao Luo s windy walk and boundless expression, his face turned green, and he seemed to be on the verge of embarrassment.Today s Ye Haolong is wearing a large colorful T shirt, and a pair of light gray flip flops on his feet are particularly eye catching.

Kule Games started from mobile games and has always been a software based game company, but a truly powerful game company develops software and hardware hand in hand.The most powerful game giants all develop their own game consoles, and then rely on the company s rich game product line to create a complete game ecosystem.Among them, game companies in Japan and the United States are the most successful.At present, in China, there are very few game companies that can achieve success in the hardware field.As for forming a complete ecosystem, it is far from reaching it.So if there wyld strawberry gummies cbd is a breakthrough in game hardware, it will definitely be able to enter the royal blend acv 750mg cbd gummies ranks of first class companies in China.Qi Meiting felt that this was indeed a good direction, so she couldn t help but nodded Well, Dad, you finally provided a reliable suggestion.

Then we won t be able to take it anymore.Ma Tianming said.I can t do agricultural production.I have to ask my father about it.If he is interested, let him partner with you to contract it.What do you think Ye Haolong said.Okay, then go and ask your father.Now, Ye Houde is the number one celebrity in Xintang Village, and Lao Yetou s aquaculture level is also top portland cbd gummies notch in the village.If Ye Houde is allowed to come forward to jointly contract with Ma Tianming, it will be of great benefit to the progress of the work.In this way, Ye Houde no longer has to go to Chenjiawan to build a fish pond.The two hundred mu of water in the middle of the lake is enough for him to toss about.So after discussing with Comrade Dad, he was very motivated and immediately asked Ma Tianming to discuss the specific operation method.

The strongest project of this Yulong Group is residential construction, especially the construction of small villas.Whether it is design or engineering quality, it is definitely the top in Xianhu City.Ye Haolong deliberately chose the latest environmental protection and energy saving green low carbon small villa designed by Yulong Group.Advanced solar technology can supply electricity and hot water for the whole building.Living in such a house is warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable and safe.The feeling of going up suddenly came to my face.With this engineering team, Ye to many cbd gummies Haolong is also very relieved.He only goes biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears home occasionally to check on the progress of the project, and spends most of his time at Shengtang Technology Company.With the use of various new technologies and processes, the current Shengtang Technology Co.

And in Yaya Express Company, the film crew of Tianma advertisement is fully shooting.Now the operation of Yaya Express Company has been very standardized.The cartoon image of the effects of cbd gummy bears yellow duck is printed on it, which makes the company s courier brother look very cute and friendly.The company s core equipment, the third generation of the big slacker, is working hard.The three Spider Man and the central large beehive are closely cooperating.Soon, each express package is automatically loaded into the delivery brother s truck.The trucks entered the urban area, the trucks from Districts 2 and 3 were sent to the Nanhang City Branch, and the trucks from Districts 4 to 10 were sent to various townships.These courier packages were sorted out by the 3rd generation of the big slacker, and entered each area in an orderly manner.

The small scale documentary Future Express Company filmed by Tianma Advertising Company was simultaneously launched on major video sites, and Shengtang Technology s official Weibo reposted the relevant video, and officially disclosed the detailed information of the third generation of the big slacker to the outside world.Netizens who had been waiting for it because of their curiosity suddenly exploded, especially for the small documentary Future Express Company.Due to its excellent production, it received rave reviews on the Internet, with a comprehensive score as high as 9.8 points, once on the hit list of major video sites.The film takes the day of the Duck Express Company as the theme, introduces in detail the working principle of the 3rd generation of the big slacker, and shoots the whole process of it handling hundreds of packages at the same time.

Naturally, the small factory building in Wanji effects of cbd gummy bears Park would not be needed.In the past few days, Tang Liya and the others have begun to move away from the production line of the third generation of the big slacker, and the production lines of the other two generations will also be completely removed before the end of the year.This worried the big baby Ma Tianming.Originally, he thought that Shengtang Technology would still rent the factory in Wanji Park after the lease expired at effects of cbd gummy bears the end of the year, but he did not expect Shengtang Technology to settle in the high tech industrial park in Gaoda.It has become a noble enterprise in Xianhu City.As a result, his factory building has effects of cbd gummy bears to be vacant for the time being.The monthly rent for the two factories, one big and one small, is nearly 40,000 yuan, which is not a small sum for Ma Tianming.

You have to work hard.Don t worry, it can be done in a month.Wang Zhenghai said.Seeing that this guy agreed so easily, Ye Haolong felt at ease for the time being.Now that he has nothing to do, Ye Haolong leisurely returned to Xintang Village and started his weekend leisure time.At this moment, in Beijing, which is 2,000 kilometers away, Huahua Mall, the third largest b2b e commerce platform in China, is planning a new move.As an old domestic b2b e commerce platform, Huahua Mall is mainly engaged in effects of cbd gummy bears bulk transactions of clothing, and is the largest clothing trading platform in China.Its e commerce network covers hundreds of cities in China, and brand of cbd gummies with a v on the front its annual clothing transaction volume exceeds 60 billion yuan.As a domestic b2b e commerce platform, the valuation of Huahua Mall is also constantly increasing.

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Originally, Tiangong Manufacturing was the first company to realize the virtualization of management, but because the virtualization technology could not be directly what are the best cbd gummies for pain connected with the outdated production line, this technology was seriously hindered.However, as the company introduced more advanced intelligent production lines, under Fan Siyuan s careful debugging, these production lines have initially had the ability to connect with the entire virtual network manufactured by Tiangong.Now, through the virtualization software platform, the working status of these production lines can already be seen, and simple effects of cbd gummy bears instructions can be given to it.In this way, the company s production process has greatly reduced its dependence on labor, and many processes can be completed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Ye Haolong and Zhou Kexin walked into the hotel and came to the reception hall.As soon as he walked into the hall, there were already many men in suits and leather shoes, as well as some gorgeously dressed women.Needless to say, these people were either rich or expensive, and they were all elites in the economic circle of Xianhu City.In the resplendent and resplendent hall, everyone was drinking and drinking, and the atmosphere was very effects of cbd gummy bears lively.In the crowd, Ye Haolong even saw Qi Tianyu, the boss of Yulong Group, and Wei Yuanguang, the vice president.That old Wei s bright forehead is like a searchlight, it can almost stun people who are 800 miles away.And beside Lao Qi, Qi Meiting in a pink evening dress was also there.As the richest man in Xianhu City, Lao Qi was surrounded by a group of people like bees.

And the entire Tianding Department, at the moment of dying, also intends to keep the financial investment field as its last site intact.It can be said that the dragon payment platform from Tianding Finance is the direct descendant of the once huge Tianding Empire.The Tianding family in the 1980s was still a powerful one, at least in Jiangnan Province, it could be considered a powerful party.It s just that the good times don t last long.Because the Tianding Consortium s business scope is too wide, it s difficult to integrate, and its subsidiaries are becoming more and more phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial inconsistent.As a result, the influence of the consortium in the later period continues to decline, and the entire huge empire is in a state of fragmentation.state.But centipede, dead but not stiff, Tianding consortium still has influence, and there are also people in the consortium trying to reintegrate the disorganized situation.

With the continuous improvement of villagers lives, this year s Spring Festival is much more lively than in previous years.There are all kinds of noise from fireworks and firecrackers every day.Those unscrupulous uncles in the village like to tinker with these crap things when they have nothing to do.In order to reduce everyone s obsession with fireworks and firecrackers, there are lively opera performances every day in the villagers cultural auditorium in Xintang Village.Often, as soon as the opera starts, everyone rushes to brave the wind and snow.Hundreds of people gather together, and some Look at it with gusto all day long.But it s useless.After returning home, the enthusiasm of the uncles will quickly transfer to all kinds of fireworks and firecrackers, and a new round of noise will begin again.

Seeing Chen Feifei s idleness, the three of Ye Haolong also looked at each other in blank dismay.By the way, Miss Zhou, you said that after the Spring Festival, you plan to enter the high end manufacturing industry and start producing the first mobile phone.How is it going now Ye Haolong is very concerned about Tiangong Manufacturing s mobile phone.The research and development work has almost been completed, and it will be officially put into production in April.Zhou Kexin said, Now, the new factory is in place, and I am asking Shengtang Technology to help me optimize the production line.I will definitely support the production of mobile phones, and I will give one to each of our effects of cbd gummy bears company when the time comes.Qi Meiting said.Princess disease, it is necessary.You need to buy a few more, one for the left hand, one for the right hand, and another for hanging around the neck.

It is shaped like a big foot ice cream.Among them, Huxinyang is located at the most remote heel position of Padfoot.This area was originally relatively desolate, with no villages and shops in the back, and the weeds were as tall as a person.The construction of factories in this area was considered earlier, but due to the pollution incident of the paper mill in Xintang Village, the environmental protection of this area has how much are cbd gummies at walmart effects of cbd gummy bears been paid more attention by the relevant departments, so all the factory construction plans in this area have been abolished.So far, this place is still a wilderness of primitive ecology, and few people usually come and go.Now that the boutique agricultural park project has officially started construction, engineering teams have begun to enter one by one, and many large scale construction machinery have begun to shuttle in the countryside, attracting cheers from the unsophisticated children in the village, and this quiet area suddenly becomes lively.

It can be seen that the strength of this website is very strong, and ordinary moves may not be able to control it.It seems that they can only think about it.It can be subdued by some damage moves.Lao Yuan squinted his small eyes, and a gleam of light shot out of his eyes, and evil ideas began to be calculated in his huge head.The first move of the traffic war has been successful, but the vitality of Shennong.com was not expected to be so powerful, so the second move of the public opinion war is about to be launched.This time, Lao Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears Yuan planned to spend one million real money to hire a group of professional Internet trolls to discredit Shennong.com s fresh supermarket business and form a wave of negative public opinion on Shennong.com.Nowadays, if you want to cause trouble for your competitors, public opinion attacks have become a common method, and it is the method with the lowest cost and the highest benefit.

Now let alone wanting to go public, just coping with these shitty things is enough for effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews him to drink a pot.Ye Haolong happily returned to the headquarters of Shennong.com.Now that the crisis is over, everyone can relax.Lao Ye, it seems that there seems to be internal strife between Huahua Mall and Taiyi Company.Now the two sides are fighting, and the battle is very fierce.It is said that Huahua Mall has threatened to sue Taiyi Company in court.Li Dajiang watched the excitement.Big, with a very proud expression, I ve seen stupid ones, but I ve never seen such stupid ones.This time they really shot themselves in the foot, haha.The news was leaked outside.As a result, the two sides had a deadlock because of this matter, and Taiyi Company directly pointed the finger at Huahua Mall, which is really a big reversal of the plot.

On the yacht, Ma Tianming prepared the grill, and the aroma of delicious food came out, whetting everyone s appetite.Old Wei s shining forehead became a huge light source on the yacht.He really lives up to his name, and he actually has a high beam function with him, so many friends have to wear sunglasses to prevent being burned by Old Wei s forehead.Now, another identity of this old Wei is the general manager of Huanyu Real Estate Development and Construction Co., Ltd., but this Huanyu Construction is Lao Qi s successor, and it has not yet officially operated and is temporarily dormant.Mr.Wei, you can see that this area has undergone infrastructure construction, and it has changed a lot from before.Ye Haolong walked to Wei Yuanguang s side, The three step plan we set before, the first step has been successfully completed, I think It s time to start the second step of the plan.

So she was specially given 2 million publicity funds, and asked her to make a good effort to promote the animation film, at least in terms of momentum, to compare Vientiane.There is no other good way now.The movie schedule has been announced, so we can t change it temporarily.The only thing we can do is to keep up with effects of cbd gummy bears the effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews publicity.At least during the campaign period in Vientiane, our momentum can effects of cbd gummy bears t be weaker than them.Fang Ruoman said , As for the competition after the release, it is a competition of movie quality.Chapter 216 Throwing money at the slightest disagreement Okay, Sister Manman, I want to spend another two million to create another wave of momentum for the movie, and I will hand over all the money to you.Help us to promote it well..Qi Meiting paid two million yuan as soon as she exported, without even blinking her eyes, showing the cbd 30mg gummies demeanor of a local tyrant.

The current Tiangong Manufacturing has a larger and larger staff size.There are more than 80 people in the administrative department alone.In addition to the huge production department and the newly established e commerce management department, the total number of people has exceeded 800, becoming a large scale manufacturing company.Ye Haolong walked into the company s office area, and saw that everyone was busy, and some of them were doing a lot of preparations for the listing of Tiangong Manufacturing.In the boss s office, the documents on Zhou Kexin s desk were piled up as high as a hill.Miss Zhou, how is the listing plan going I ve been so busy recently.Ye Haolong walked into the office, looked at the materials and documents all over the world, and asked after making a cup of coffee.Xiaolong, I was just looking for you.

Perhaps it is due to the huge gap formed in the hearts of the audience by Legend of Flying Fish , which instead makes the next Guardian of the Satellite more popular with everyone s expectations.As a result, Guarding the twin elements cbd gummies for sale Satellite lived up to expectations, and definitely deserved the title of the first domestically produced animated film in history in effects of cbd gummy bears terms of quality.In the next few days, in the second half of the release cycle of Guarding the Planet , the daily box office is still at the level of 50 million.For this reason, the major theaters specially arranged plans to extend the schedule and increase the number of screenings, making The box office of Guarding the Planet is soaring.On the tenth day, the total box office had broken through the 600 million yuan mark, surpassing two effects of cbd gummy bears of the four Hollywood animated films last summer.

Chapter 221 You Can Earn Money Even While Lying Down Qi Meiting wins, making this little girl happy.This time, not only did they make a lot of money, but more importantly, they killed do cbd gummies help back pain purekana cbd gummies for pain Vientiane Films, a domestic giant film company with a billion dollar level, which fully proved the powerful strength of Letong Animation.It can be said that Qi Meiting has never been so full of .

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sense of accomplishment in her life as she is now.Usually she is always covered by her father s brilliant light.In the eyes of others, she is just a rich second generation who relies on her father s prestige to pretend to be a tiger.But now it s completely different.With the success of Guarding the Satellite , the Letong Animation Company how to make cbd gummy candy do cbd gummies help back pain founded by Qi Meiting has become the top animation production company in China in one fell swoop.

Ye Haolong said, Dajiang, I plan to expand Shennong.com to an all round way.The transformation of the shopping platform will not only deal in agricultural products in the future, but suns nutritional products cbd gummies 300 mg also get involved in various fields such as clothing, department stores, and digital. You mean to make Shennong.com a large scale comprehensive shopping mall like Baibao.com and Lemai.com.Platform Li Dajiang is quite cautious about this matter, so he never dared to mention Shennong.com s upgrade and transformation of all categories.After all, in this way, Shennong.com will completely become a comprehensive e commerce platform and will face the real giants.Yes, we also want to be an e commerce giant, Dajiang.I think the time has finally come for us to challenge the real e commerce giant.Ye Haolong said.In the current domestic e commerce industry, there is a popular saying of two and a half.

In the early years of the century, the competition among websites was not as fierce as it is now.Due to its excellent production and professional reports, Global Mobile Network Division of Camiguin effects of cbd gummy bears quickly gained popularity in the industry and quickly grew into the leading large scale mobile phone review website in China.Lao Fei was not satisfied with being a webmaster.On this basis, he once again transformed and upgraded, aiming at the e commerce trading field of domestic digital products, and built a professional digital product trading platform Yitong.com.Relying effects of cbd gummy bears on the professional evaluation website Global Mobile Network, Yitong.com quickly entered the right track.From the initial mobile phone transaction, it gradually developed into the digital field, and then entered the home appliance field.After three years of development, it has grown into a domestic The largest b2b e commerce trading website.

Zhou Kexin and Fang Ruoman browsed the website carefully, expressing their satisfaction with the experience of Shenlong.com.Although the shopping categories are a little less at present, effects of cbd gummy bears the overall experience is quite good.Zhou Kexin said, Now the number of merchants who have decided to settle in has begun to increase, and the problem of supply categories will not be too big, so the most important thing is marketing., to let users know that there is such a new shopping website.This time Shenlong.com adopts a combination of b2b and b2c models, temporarily starting from large suppliers and buyers, so at the b how to make cbd gummy candy do cbd gummies help back pain end As long as there are enough large suppliers coming in, the supply of goods on the website is not a problem.Ye Haolong said, However, as Miss Zhou said, the c end is the biggest uncertain how much are cbd gummies at walmart effects of cbd gummy bears factor of the website, because today s Shenlong The website is not well known, and it is unknown how many customers it can attract after opening.

com will be very rapid, and it will become a super large scale full category e commerce website just around the corner.Time passed day by day, and a week passed in the blink of an eye.August 18th finally came, and Shenlong.com was officially launched amidst the eager anticipation of countless netizens Chapter 233 Entering the restricted area of the e commerce field was just when Shenlong.com officially opened, the headquarters hemp clinic cbd gummies ebay of Lemai.com in Jiangzhou City, Fei Qinghua, the boss of Yitong.The three of Luo Youcai from Dongdong gathered together to discuss the in depth cooperation of the three websites.rane n .r a n en This time, our Huahua Mall plans to sell all the shares in our hands, or more than 51 of the controlling shares.I don t know how Mr.Fei is thinking about this matter Yuan Dashan is in the current situation Worrying and lacking in confidence, he glanced at Fei Qinghua who was smoking heavily with his small eyes, and asked with a coquettish smile.

com, but Pinju.com seems to have little interest and only stays in his own one acre three point To be the emperor in the land has no ambition to compete in the world.Therefore, Lao Luo also hopes that there will be one or two new full category websites, especially full category websites that have a cooperative relationship with him.In this way, everyone can bind with each other and jointly fight against Baibao.com.In the process of uniting against the enemy, fishing in troubled waters is naturally Lao Luo s strong point.When the time comes, let the partners rush to the front to block the bullets, and he can take the opportunity to expand the market share.It is definitely a good move.Of course, the partner who can help him block bullets must also be big, at least as big as Pinju.com, so he took a fancy to Lao Fei s Yitong.

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It can be said that the future is bleak and the future is bleak.Of course, there was another person who was even more unhappy, and that was Fei Qinghua from Yitong.com, and this time he was really a pick up man.Lao Fei had just signed an agreement with Lao Yuan to purchase 85 of Huahua Mall s shares in cash for 1.5 billion yuan.As a result, on the same day, Huahua Mall s transaction volume was cut in half.A great shadow casts over the foreground.Therefore, as soon as the news of Yitong.com can cbd gummies help with weight loss s acquisition of Huahua Mall came out, most of the media ridiculed Lao Fei Yitong, thinking that it was really inappropriate for him to be the successor.However, the media is still generally pessimistic about the future development of Huahua Mall, and the reputation of Yitong.com has also suffered losses because of this huge transaction.

Due to the current location advantages of Beiqiao Village are becoming more and more obvious, with the implementation of the overall planning and the gathering of a large number of people, the value of the land here has also increased a lot.Ma Tianming s small campus covering an area of 50 mu is located in the core area of Beiqiao Village.In the future, a high standard modern middle school will be built.according toThe town has the final say on the compensation standard for industrial land acquisition.The current price is about 1 million per mu, and 50 mu is 50 million.In addition, the factory buildings and various facilities in the park must be compensated according to the price.Overall, it will not be less than 60 million.This drove Ma Tianming crazy.If the huge sum of 60 million yuan was exchanged for a hundred yuan bill, he might not be able to count it all in a week.

Angel Shopping City is an e commerce platform dominated by female shopping, and it is not an international platform.Its business The scope is mainly in North America.Except for the United States, the Canadian market is not big, so it can be said that it is a local e commerce platform.Angel Shopping City This is a good idea, but the magnitude of Angel Shopping City is only slightly larger than that of Lebuy.com.Generally speaking, it belongs to the second echelon.After all, we are the world s first echelon e commerce platform and cooperate with it., will it make the industry think that we are not confident enough Lao Tao raised his concerns.I ve thought about this too.Your worry is very reasonable.We can t mix with the second echelon.After mixing for a long time, we maui melon cbd gummies will also become the second echelon.

Okay, Rourou, I wish you great success, and you will dominate the world forever.Ye Haolong said with half closed eyes.Now that the operation mode of Shengtang Technology has become more and more mature, Tang Liya, Zhang Qingqing and Yang Zhengyan s main energy is to be responsible for research and development, daily company management and operation, Wang Zhenghai can help some, and Shengtang Technology is in the hands of Ye Haolong The promoted deputies are now the mainstay of the company.After a year of training, they now have rich management experience and can maintain the good operation effects of cbd gummy bears of the company, so they don t need to worry as much as they did in the past.Now for Ye Haolong, the most important thing is the research and development of the US version of Shenlong.com.Although he has successful experience in China, Ye Haolong still doesn t know much about the US market.

com to achieve 80 million transactions, but Ye Haolong only took three days to reach it, which shows the astonishing growth of Shenlong.com.The current Shenlong.com, together with the daily sales of clothing categories, has exceeded 300 million, returning to its peak.Among the many e commerce platforms in China, under the circumstances of the large scale invasion of Universal Mall, the sales volume did not drop but rose.I am afraid that only Shenlong.com has achieved it.The top giants like Baibao.Affected by the loss of about 15 of the transaction volume.Therefore, during this period of time, the major media have bragged about Shenlong.com, believing that Shenlong.com has become the biggest dark horse in the industry this year, and even believed that Ye Haolong can take over the mantle of Long Yu, the godfather of China s e commerce, and become the future domestic e commerce market.

In just one or two years, a national large scale e commerce platform such as Shennong.com has emerged one after another, and the first domestic company to move towards Industry 4.0 model manufacturing company Tiangong Manufacturing Company, the super dark horse Shengtang Technology Company in the domestic high tech industry, and Letong Animation Company, which produces the top domestic animation films, and so on.These companies, no matter which one is taken out, are all well known.Even if they are compared across the country, they are absolutely first class.This also gives Xianhu City, which has long lived cbd gummies while pregnant reddit in a small third tier city in China, the confidence to attack second tier cities.In the 13th Five Year Plan formulated this effects of cbd gummy bears time, the plan to build a tens of billions of super theme parks is to do cbd gummies help back pain purekana cbd gummies for pain impact the grandeur of second tier cities.

Some media even shamelessly wrote Be careful, the wrath of the global e commerce emperor.This bearded man has always acted perversely.If it weren t for his two brushes in the e commerce field, he would have thought he was a slovenly idiot at first glance.However, this time, the domestic media were unexpectedly unanimous.They all reported on Ye Haolong s Shenlong.com from the perspective of daring to challenge the hegemony of global e commerce.Strong support for hegemony.At the same time, on the major domestic portals, news about Shenlong.com s challenge to Universal Mall has been overwhelming, almost drowning out all other information.Entering highland pharms cbd gummies uk the comment section, we can see that the vast majority of netizens have expressed their strong support for Shenlong.com.Many people have said that although they have never logged in to Shenlong.

These consortiums have formed a family through several generations of family marriages.large interest groups.This group of wealthy families has been living a luxurious life biolife cbd gummies amazon effects of cbd gummy bears all year round, constantly breaking the world record of human immorality.In order to effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews grab profits for them to squander, these guys are often unscrupulous.In the long history of hundreds of years, many things they have done have not only seriously damaged the interests of the public, but also seriously hindered the development of human civilization This mysterious North Atlantic Chamber of Commerce is the biggest stumbling block to human civilization.For a long time, their core task has been to safeguard the core interests of the major families and chaebol forces.Today, it is an important part of their core interests to control the daily consumption of the people of the United States through huge supermarkets.

In order to keep her CEO position, Cai Xiaoqing started to travel frequently between Xianhu how to make cbd gummy candy do cbd gummies help back pain and Jiangzhou after the Spring Festival in 2015.Through price reduction, she successively won several major projects in Xianhu City, which made her market share rebound a lot , but the price paid is that almost none of these projects are profitable.Since the technological advantages of Star Technology no longer exist, in many how to make cbd gummy candy do cbd gummies help back pain fields, it has even been completely surpassed by Shengtang Technology, so even if the products of Shengtang Technology are more expensive, many manufacturers are still willing to choose, so Cai Xiaoqing has to go further and further on the road of price wars.Many products can only be sold at a loss of more than 30.If this trend continues, Xingchen Technology will definitely be dragged down.

com even stronger.The strength is still there.After swallowing these three major platforms, Lemai.com can become a big fat man in an instant.Next, its own Shenlong.com will not compete with the three idiots of e commerce, but will face the challenge of Lemai Group.Lao Luo knew that since he had broken up with Ye Haolong, he had no choice but to go to the dark side.Taking the opportunity to annex the three major e commerce platforms and strengthen his own strength first is obviously the most sensible strategy at the moment.Lao Fei and Lao Zhang were not very willing at first, but after being talked about by Lao Luo and the tragic case of Huahua Mall in front of them, they knew that effects of cbd gummy bears it was a wise move to learn from the big headed boy Lao Yuan to cut flesh in time.So after hesitating for several days, the two old buddies still agreed to Lao Luo s merger plan.

At this moment, a heated discussion about the theme park plan was going on.The seven uncles on the board of directors each had their own calculations, and they couldn t stop arguing for a while, all of them blushing and neck thick.Qi Meiting watched the seven old fried dough sticks fight back and forth to no avail, secretly happy in her heart.These old fritters can only brag in their daily life, but they are dumbfounded when they show their real kung fu.They are completely typical cases of ignorance and incompetence.This theme park plan, these old fritters have not come up with a decent plan until now, I really don t know what they are fighting for.After a while, Qi Meiting saw that they were also tired of fighting, and when she saw that she had no effects of cbd gummy bears ideas, she came up with her long planned cute theme park plan.

For the time being, they can still be lower than the huge offensive of the Global Mall.Now, if Universal Mall wants to dismantle Lebuy Group s M A strategy, it must first take advantage of a few of its underlings, and it must be done gently.This time, Universal Mall bought the two e commerce players at a premium of 50 , which immediately formed a new trend in the market, that is, they can take this opportunity to cash out and leave the market.These e commerce boys have been struggling to support them all the time.Although Lao Luo of the Lebuy Group has drawn them into a huge alliance, he only feeds them some porridge, and the real benefits are very little.And if you choose to let Lebuy buy it in the future, then Lao Fei and Lao Zhang are the best examples.Yitong and other three major platforms did not take any advantage in the process of being acquired by Lebuy.

The bearded man will naturally think whether Tiantian Food City will reach an agreement with Lebuy Group.What kind of private transaction.Ye Haolong said, At that time, we can get a big deal for nothing, and we don t have to help them.Okay, let s do it like this.Li Dajiang smiled, Old Ye, your routine is It s getting deeper and deeper.Haha, it s really hard to play without any tricks these days.Ye Haolong said.Soon, Li Dajiang disclosed the news of Tiantian Food City s acquisition through some industry insiders, waiting do cbd gummies help back pain purekana cbd gummies for pain for the bearded Lao Li to take the bait first.Sure enough, after hearing the news, Universal Mall took a very positive attitude and hoped to negotiate with Tiantian Food City through a certain person in the industry as a middleman.The bearded old man gave an initial intentional quotation of 80 million yuan.

Universal Mall s intelligence system is also very developed.After some careful investigation, Lao Li naturally knew where the problem was.It turned out that Lebuy Group was behind the scenes and deliberately arranged the acquisition, so Dream Group was able to acquire Tiantian Food City at such a low price.The reason why Lebuy Group wants to do this this time seems to be to bring Dream Group into the game to attract the firepower of Universal Mall.Lao how long do cbd gummies effect you Luo of Lebuy Group is smart, but this time he was mistaken because of his cleverness.The bearded old man was very angry after learning that Lao Luo was stumbling is there a cbd gummy to help quit smoking behind his back.In the past two days, his beard was raised high, and he looked like he was about to fight.He immediately ordered people to formulate a plan, and he tried his best to completely disintegrate the e commerce alliance formed by Lebuy Group.

Next, it will also go abroad and start to cooperate with international agricultural product suppliers At the same time, with the backing of Tianding Financial Group, a senior veteran in the financial industry, Dream Group s financial effects of cbd gummy bears capabilities are also being continuously enhanced.The internationalization of the Dragon Payment platform is the first step to demonstrate the Group s financial strength.The internationalization of the platform effects of cbd gummy bears has made the valuation of DragonPay continuously higher.Now in the domestic market, the total transaction volume of DragonPay platform has accounted for 30 of the entire network transaction volume, almost half of that of Alipay of Baibao Group.The well deserved second place in the country.Now, LongPay is the first to go abroad and realize the first step of internationalization.

Pursuing an independent strategy is indeed a safe path.Now our overseas business has made great progress.The proportion of the domestic market in total revenue has dropped to about 75.I think we can further increase our overseas market.Intensive investment, especially in the development of the European and Japanese markets.Fan Siyuan said.I have a different point of view.Li Dajiang said, There are uncertainties in the overseas market after all.In the US market, we were obstructed by the chamber of commerce and missed an excellent opportunity.After all, the Australian market is too small.It can only be regarded as a fraction of 30 count size cbd gummies the total plan, Europe and Japan are indeed to be developed, but we should not have too much hope, after all, it is their territory, and we will be constrained in everything we do.

In the dragonfly game factory, the training of an operation team of 100 people is in full swing.These elite operation teams drawn from the two major subsidiaries of Shenlong.com and Shennong.com have quickly mastered the operation and management of the Mengmengda 3D online mall According to the current situation, the training has been quite successful, and the team responsible effects of cbd gummy bears for the operation of the new platform will not have any major problems.As for the online distribution of brand suppliers, over the past few days of intensive work, more than 80 of the products have entered the 3D database and appeared in the system of the Mengmengda 3D online mall.Now they are logged into the management of the online mall.On the platform, one can see effects of cbd gummy bears that one product after another has been placed in the predetermined position, the entire mall has become more effects of cbd gummy bears and more full, and the follow up work is also being carried out intensely.

During this period of time, everyone has worked hard, but we still can t relax.Once the mall is cbd candy gummies officially launched There must be many unexpected new problems in operation, this 3D online shopping city is the first in the world, and there is no previous experience to learn from, so everyone still has to put in the same energy to do a good job in the trial operation.Ye Haolong said.Fan Siyuan said The technical problems have been basically solved now, and the whole system will be able to withstand the scale of millions of people online at the same time, which has reached the operating capacity of the largest 3D online game in China.The computer client installation package of Mengmengda 3D Online Shopping City The debugging has been completed, and how to make cbd gummy candy do cbd gummies help back pain after the online shopping mall is launched, it can be officially promoted through the major platforms within the group.

This kind of enthusiasm has far exceeded the expectations of Dream Group s top management, and even Ye Haolong did not expect it.It seems that the popularity of Mengmengda 3D Online Shopping City is very high, even more popular than Shenlong.com when it first opened.The promotion situation is getting more and more optimistic.With the continuous expansion of client downloads, the number of logins is also rising in a straight line.At the same time, the number of online users has reached more than 300,000 in just three hours, which has surpassed a mainstream 3D The number of concurrent users of an online game.And this is just the beginning.With the rapid increase in the number of logins, the bandwidth resources of the entire super online shopping mall are also being mobilized rapidly.Half of the million level simultaneous online devices originally prepared have been mobilized.

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Today, Tang Liya is in high spirits.By continuously increasing R D investment and continuously improving the technical strength of Shengtang Technology, she always regards technological innovation as the company s primary strategy.Because of this, Shengtang Technology s technology research and development capabilities have always been in the leading position in natural paradise 1000 mg cbd gummies for sale the industry, and have even surpassed Star Technology.Through large scale technological innovation, Shengtang Technology has led a wave of express delivery automation revolution, and now, this revolution will advance to the deep field of industry to comprehensively change the future of the entire secondary industry.This effects of cbd gummy bears also makes the outside world generally optimistic about Shengtang Technology, and they all believe that Shengtang Technology represents the direction of new technology in the future, and they also pay great attention to the new products that Shengtang Technology is developing.

With such strong growth potential, Dream Group is generally favored by the industry, which is reflected in the continuous and substantial rise in the stock price.Today, the market value of the entire Dream Group has exceeded 100 billion U.S.dollars, especially in the field of international e commerce.Due to the dominance of 3D online shopping, the share of Dream Group once surpassed Universal Mall, becoming the world s largest e commerce trading platform.This also makes international capital generally optimistic about Dream Group, and the high stock price is the best proof.But there is also a bad news, that is, the period of strategic opportunities for Dream Group has officially ended, because at the beginning of September, the 3D online shopping platforms of Baibao Group and Universal Mall went online one after another.

The purpose of our Dream Academy is to help all the students here to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.Life is a difficult journey, and we will face various difficulties and challenges, effects of cbd gummy bears green dolphin cbd gummies reviews just like Like our Dream Group, it started from a small online store and overcame many obstacles step by step to become today s large international group company.Today, Dream Group is still doing in depth innovation in the field of e commerce, Our dream is to effectively allocate global resources and effectively respond to global needs.Therefore, in the eyes of our dream group, e commerce is not only a business, but also a form of civilization.Through a A small network cable, we make the world no longer full of barriers, so that users at one end of the network cable can make their own voices and express their needs.


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